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Economic stimulus packages

I’m sure the credit card companies are releasing a collective grunt right about now, as the Fed’s stimulus checks are hitting accounts and taking a bite out of the balances artists like me are carrying. Not what the Feds had in mind — so sue me!

But for the past several weeks, artists far and wide have been not just talking together, but really working together! What’s happening? YBCA’s Bay Area Now 5, the triennial showcase of local visual arts, opens July 19th.

I’m involved times three! First, a few weeks ago, Jessica Tully invited me to contribute to Syndicate, which is part of Ground Scores, a component curated by Valerie Imus relating to San Francisco’s forgotten histories. Then, David Buuck, a psycho-geographer (look it up) working with B.A.R.G.E. (another featured group in Bay Area Now), asked me to contribute my web design services.

Last but not least, the illustrious Jenifer K. Wofford invited me to be part of Galleon Trade: Bay Area Now 5 edition, where five Bay Area artists will be presenting work in dialog with art by five Manila based artists.

For my project, I’ve sought out the help of Nyeema Morgan, an artist with loads of fabrication skills and experience. It turns out that she’s helping out two other artists for Bay Area Now as well!

It takes money to make art. So if you really wanted to stimulate the economy by turning a segment of notorious tightwads — artists — into spendthrifts, help them make and show art!


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