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Artist’s Talk at KSW on Thursday

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Artists’ Talk at Frey Norris Gallery on Thursday, or to the Headlands Open House on Sunday.

It’s really great to have the chance to talk about the ideas behind the work in depth with supporters. (Thanks FNG for the opportunity!) It’s amazing how the social nature of openings shapes conversations — so while I like many artists who I see at openings around town, the talk at FNG was the first time they were able to hear about my art in any depth.

If you haven’t been to an artist’s talk at a gallery, I’d just like to point out that the format is usually less formal than an artist’s lecture in a lecture hall — and while most artists use jargon in their written statements, many artists can speak in frank, colloquial terms about their work in more casual settings. So if you’re interested in art, artists’ talks are really painless ways to get familiar with an artist’s body of work and methodology. And you’ll usually also have the chance to ask questions — biographical, advisory, technical, intellectual, whatever: “How long did it take to make that?” “Where did you go to school?” “What is that made of?” “Did you hear about the Society for Cynicism? Like they need your support.” “Is your work influenced by Nauman?” etc.

So if you want one more opportunity to hear me talk about my work, please come to the Activist Imagination Artists’ Talk this Thursday, April 24, at 7 pm at Kearny Street Workshop. Donna, Bob and I be doing a gallery walk-through of the new work we created for the show. Many of my pieces are site-specific installations, and I’d love to have to chance to fill in any gaps or answer any questions you might have.

The talk starts promptly at 7. If you’re interested in my work, note that I’ll be the first artist to speak. Refreshments and snacks will be served; grazing commences at 6:30.

In the meantime, here are some pics of a new experiment I showed at yesterday’s Open House.

Sun-catching mirror near the sun-drenched neighboring building
A mirror placed near the sun-drenched neighboring building, casts sunlight into my basement studio.

At first glance, two mirrors on a shelf make for a minimal installation.
At first glance, two mirrors on a shelf make for a minimal installation.

Strategically placed prism and mirrors casts a spectrum on participants\' faces.
A strategically-placed prism and set of mirrors casts a spectrum on the faces of those participants curious enough to explore the mirrors up close.


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