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Points of reference: on mirrors

Most things which appear in a mirror duplicate what can be seen in its immediate vicinity…. But for each of us there is one item whose appearance is inescapably confined to the mirror, because there is no way of seeing it except in a mirror…. For all these reasons, the mirror, in art as in life, has assumed complex metaphorical significance, epitomising both the vice and vanity and the virtue of prudent self-knowledge.

—Jonathan Miller, “On Reflection,” London: National Gallery Publications Ltd [1998] p. 12-13

Dispersion experiment

I’ll be showing a new experiement in my studio during the Headlands Open House this Sunday, 4/20.

Or, stop by the artist’s talk at Frey Norris Gallery on Saturday, 4/19, or the talk at Kearny Street Workshop on Thursday, 4/24.


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