Art & Development

Annual report for a castle

Christopher Terry, proprietor of Brougham Hall, writes with wonderfully tongue-in-cheek style:

The Stars and Stripes flew, on 28th September, to greet the new American surge in Penrith. For sometime the northern suburbs have been successfully subjugated by Maj. “Big Mac” Donald. Enter Col. “finger licking” Saunders and his KFC men to take control of the areas to the south of the town. The coup de grace came in the form of Christine Wong Yap, flown into Brougham Hall, from California, irrespective of cost, by the Lottery Fund, in what was billed as the largest invasion of artists in Europe – all 72 of them. In Tate Modern style, Mrs Yap brought a number of black polythene garbage sacks, which the public were invited to inflate, with the aid of bicycle pumps to create interactive sculpture. Meanwhile another artist, Sally Barker, was exhibiting Easter Island figures, the size of chess men, half way up Stickle Ghyll, Great Langdale, in the unusual medium of sheep excrement and Steve Messam set himself the ambitious task of building 18,000 sandcastles, each topped with a red paper flag, on a lonely beach, west of St Bee’s. On 14th October, our remarkable garbage bags vanished and we were left uncertain as to whether they had been scooped up by Lord Saatchi or by Kentucky Fried Chicken.



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