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Talking about art

works 2004-2008

It’s always nice to have the chance to talk about my art. In the past week, I participated in an artist’s talk at Swarm Gallery and presented a slide lecture at Helen Lee’s undergraduate Sculpture class at CCA.

Talking about my art gives me a chance to refresh my memory about my motivations and discover significance in past projects. For example, though my most recent projects are not explicitly text-based, the small papercut, “Untitled (One Half Gallon)” seems to mark a turning-point in my practice. I realized that it marks the leap from my printmaking past to my object- and installation-oriented present; it’s almost literally the page coming off of the wall.

It’s also nice to see recurrent themes, such as in interest in light (see the Hi It’s Me project), or how far my interest in the viewer’s agency (beginning with projects like Lens Flare, large mirror) has evolved.

Of course it is interesting to hear responses to my work, but I also enjoy the opportunity to share a chance to talk about art. I think most non-artists are rarely offered a forum for their responses to art, so I hope that my audience feels as though their experience with my work—whether phenomenological or conceptual—is valid and worthy of discussion, and that they feel free to take advantage of art community events like opening receptions and artists’ talks to ask questions and share opinions.

On that note, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be in a two-person exhibition at Frey Norris Gallery off of Union Square, which opens April 3, with an artist’s talk April 19.


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