Art & Development

Diagram as sketch

dark into light installation guide
Christine Wong Yap, Schematic for Dark into Light, 2008, computer drawing, dimensions variable.

Design skills come in handy, now that I’m starting to think of diagrams as sketches. I’ve been using InDesign with a 1-inch grid with 12 subdivisions. This is great for drawing large installations to scale. Sure beats 1/4″ graph paper.

Nerdy, I know. But skills make life easier. Just the other day, D.G. explained a concept of electrical circuits to me. I thought it was pretty cool, until he said, “That’s the only thing I remember from second grade electronics.” Which made me realize that I didn’t take second-grade electronics — or any electronics for that matter! I bought a book, “Wiring 1-2-3,” a few weeks ago, but it seems like I’ll never catch up. I guess better late than never.

Dark into Light won’t be the most effective electrical circuit, but I still think it’ll be cool. Come to Swarm Friday night to see what I mean.


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