Art & Development


I’ve never been so excited for the month of February as I am now. I’ve got two shows opening in February, and I think both are going to be awesome.

The first is at Swarm Gallery in Oakland. I’ll be showing a NEW SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATION* in the Project Space. In the main space will be Zachary Royer Scholz, who’s a CCA alum whose work I really admire, and Ricky Allman, a painter-friend of Casey Jex Smith‘s. I think it’ll be a really fun show, and I’m really looking forward to working with Swarm. The directors are really cool. Even M, who’s usually lukewarm about the art world, is totally rooting for Swarm, who M says is really doing something for art in Oakland.

After that, I’ll be in full throttle installation mode for Activist Imagination, at Kearny Street Workshop. This is a project that’s been in the works since the end of 2006! (Big thanks to Sam Chanse — the curator, the glue that holds together the collaborative effort — even during the run of her one-woman show, which just opened tonight.) So it’s really cool that this is coming to fruition. But I’m especially pleased about the NEW, SITE-SPECIFIC* projects I’m going to contribute. I think they’ll be large but quiet, and I hope it’ll be really unexpected for visitors of the show. My ideal wish is to have some really good conversations with respected mentors about where this new work has gone…

I feel really lucky about these opportunities because they’re giving me a chance to show what I’m made of. I’ve participated in so many group exhibitions that felt piecemeal, or too limited to be representative of me. So it’s been great to enjoy the capacity** to work towards something extra-ordinary.

In the meantime, though, I’ve got a zillion loose ends to tie, involving:
• theater gels
• Japanese office supplies
• motion-sensor DE-activating sockets
• sandbags
• latex paint
• a lab coat
• color copies
• sewing needles
• light bulbs: par 38s spots, 25 watt whites, 60 watt pinks…

*Emphasis for temporality. You can see the pictures online later, sure, but I’m just saying, if you miss the opening and then don’t make it to the exhibition run, it’s like the show could have happened in 1908 or 2008, it doesn’t matter. The world doesn’t have to be flat.
**Thanks to KSW, SFF, CWF, and individual supporters!!!


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