Art & Development

Floating my boat

Makita jig saw
Fast, clean cuts, smooth operation. I’ve joined the club of owners of iconic blue-green hard cases.

Discount Builder’s Supply
For letting me return the bad jigsaw without hassling me. Also for staff who asks if you need help finding anything, and don’t look disappointed if you say yes.

Ashby Lumber
Despite the small store, they actually have a ton of stuff if you just ask. Plus they’re cool about special orders.

American Science and Surplus
The website’s design, writing and ink drawings oozes personality. (Talk about a content-rich website. It makes me hope to work with a humor writer on a design or art project one day.) Their stock is like the East Bay Depot of Creative Re-use, but brainier.

I was skeptical about the reception of the Regalos Project in Moving Cultures, an exhibition at the Euphrat Museum (Cupertino, CA) that ended yesterday. Maybe people didn’t ‘get’ it, I thought. Maybe it’s too conceptual. Or maybe people didn’t engage with it because it looks disposable and crappy. But Diana Agrabrite, Director of the Arts and Schools Program, told me that the Regalos Project was a great way to start conversations about the nature of art and to introduce conceptualism to students. With delight in her voice, Diana mentioned how one teacher started a 30-minute discussion with his students by pointing at my work and declaring “This is not art!” Clearly Diana enjoyed having the work in the show. And whether or not people think it’s art or not, I’m thrilled the questions it raises were explored by so many school groups. Cool!

A photo of the Regalos project on the Headlands stoop:
regalos project


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