What kind of smile is that?

Its USA-Today-level feel-good factor aside, Jennifer Viegas reports for Discovery News on a new study about 4 kinds of smiles, selected from among the 50 varieties there are believe to be

ranging from triumphant ones to those that convey bitterness. … [Lead author Amy] Drahota described the first as an open smile “in which the lips are drawn back, the cheeks are raised and crows-feet wrinkles appear around the eyes.” Technically this is called a Duchenne smile, which may be the truest and most intense of all. The second smile type is like the Duchenne, only minus the “smiley eyes.” The third is a suppressed smile, “where the speaker is trying to hide their smile by pulling their lips in or down as they speak.” Finally, they denoted times when the speakers weren’t smiling at all.

I like the idea that not all smiles are alike. But is not smiling a fourth form of smiling?

Untitled (Lens Flare, Large Mirror) (detail), 2007, mirror, frame, lights, 26″ x 32″ x 2″


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