Optimism in the news!?

“Scientists have identified the neural networks in the human brain that generate feelings of optimism in a person….”
“Cradle of optimism pinpointed in the brain,”, October 25, 2007

Americans are, characteristically, optimistic about thier lives, but pessimistic about our institutions.
“The Happiness Gap,” by David Brooks,, October 30, 2007
A few good lines:
“This happiness gap between the private and the public creates a treacherous political vortex. On the one hand, it means voters are desperate for change. On the other hand, they don’t want a change that will upset the lives they have built for themselves.”
“In a segmented nation, [Americans] have built lifestyle niches for themselves where they feel optimistic and fulfilled.”
“[Political candidates:] don’t try to be inspiring or rely on the pure power of authenticity. In these cynical days, voters are not interested in uplift.”


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