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Headlands Open House

Join me at the Headlands’ Open House.

It’s a privilege for me to be an Affiliate Artist at the Headlands, a vibrant community of national and international artists, writers, composers, musicians and dancers in residence.

I value being a member of a community where colleagues live, work, and breathe their creative practices.

The Headlands Open House happens three times a year, and it’s a great opportunity to visit studios and meet artists. I find open studios to be nice, informal settings for conversations about art. The current bunch is a varied and interesting, and includes tech-savvy object-makers like Chris Bell and David Gurman (who will present a large installation of photographs in Building 961) and conceptually-driven photo and video artist Hank Willis Thomas. I’m also really looking forward to seeing the finessed video work of UK-transplant Richard T. Walker (Affiliate Building, 960).

It’s a long haul out to the Marin Headlands, but the setting is gorgeous: fresh air, ocean salt. Just the other night I saw more stars that I have in all my years living in Oakland.

My studio is in the basement of the Affiliate Building (960, around the bend and up the hill, behind the Nike missle. Seriously.). Coats imperative, scarves recommended. See you there.


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