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I’m very excited to participate in Galleon Trade, an artist-initiated exchange project that’s heading out to Manila in July. I feel really lucky to show my work alongside that of artists like Mike Arcega, Stephanie Syjuco, Gina Osterloh, Megan Wilson, Enrique Chagoya, and many talented others. So far, we’ve received couple of small grants, but we are waiting on one more–which means I may be unable to fulfill the “exchange” part of “exchange exhibition.” Please show your support and join the party!

Saturday, June 30 2007. 6 – 10pm
Downtown Oakland, CA

Please join all manner of pirates, bootleggers and scurvy knaves for Galleon Trade: Ship Launch!, one hell of a land-locked fund-raising party and art auction.

Galleon Trade is out to make the Pacific Ocean seem smaller, by creating a sustainable template for innovative new kinds of grassroots arts exchange. We’re starting by forging new relationships between California, the Philippines and Mexico. You’re starting by coming to our party, and having some good clean fun, dancing, eating things, drinking things, enjoying and bidding on art. Cones will be even be set out for the roller-skating elite.

When and Where’s the Ship Launch?
Event: 6:00-10:00PM
Silent Auction: 6:00-9:00 PM

The former Oakland Tribune Building
12th and Franklin
Oakland CA

What’s going to happen there?
Oh, goodness. All manner of fun, including

• Food and Drinks (featuring a number of Filipino dishes, as well as The Galleon, a brand-new East Bay cocktail!):

• DJs and plenty of other entertainment to keep you occupied on a warm, sweet East Bay summer evening! There will likely be some dancing to be done. Rollerdisco encouraged, but not expected.

• A silent art auction featuring affordable work by many of the Galleon Trade artists and their high-powered artist friends!

• The opportunity to experience the massive, historic Wonderbread Warehouse before it undergoes renovation!

How much is all of this fabulous fun?
A mere $10. More, if you’re feeling generous. Less, if you’re in a tight spot.
Food’s on the house, drinks by donation.

What if I can’t attend?
Galleon Trade accepts web donations via Paypal. Our fiscal sponsor is the Luggage Store.
For the Art auction, early bidding/proxy bidding by email/phone also welcomed:
Details and online gallery to follow shortly at

Where do my pesos go?
All proceeds support the multi-year Galleon Trade project, which is building new templates for grassroots, international, trans-pacific arts exchange. Phase 1 of the project brings 12 California artists to Manila, Philippines this July!

For details and participants, please visit:


Questions? Or to donate* or volunteer:
Email me at info (at)

*ARTISTS! Interested in donating work to support your fellow artists in an artist-initiated project? We’re seeking donations of small works on paper, prints or multiples for sale in the art auction. Your work will be featured online, with a link to your contact info. I haven’t been this excited about grassroots Oakland arts events in a while — please join the fun.


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