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Recommended: Events

Thursday 4/19

5-8pm: Opening Reception: Faction at Playspace Gallery
Faction is an exhibition/zine/screening by CCA Curatorial Practice students. Yours truly has work in the zine. Don’t miss work by Stephanie Syjuco, Luke Butler, Zachary Scholz. At CCA’s Playspace Gallery.

Also tonite: Opening for Beasties at Crucible Steel Gallery at Cellspace. After being reminded of what a “furry” is in the post Kenneth Eng debacle, I’ve been a little creeped out by animal art. But Josh Short is prodigious, smart artist, and promises to delight with a giant cardboard beast that might have good content on recylcing and the Mission neighborhood context.

Friday 4/20

Midday: Ann Markusen talks at Cal
Fascinated by the cold logic of economics, that sweet, indifferent science? Ann Markusen, who recently published a report about artists working in different sectors, will be speaking at Cal 4/20 mid-day…

6-9pm: Opening reception: Breakthrough at SF Arts Commission Gallery

Billed “An Amateur Photography Revolution,” this show by JPG Magazine seems to hit some current notes… Crowdsourcing… People as art producers, instead of art consumers… More.

7-10pm: Opening Reception: Cult Classics, Not Best Sellers at Queen’s Nails Annex
Keith Boadwee & Patrick Rock. Two one-man shows. Leave the kids at home.Queen’s Nails Annex.

Saturday 4/21

Noon: Jim Campbell speaks at BAM
Artist and M.I.T. techie Jim Campbell speaks at the Berkeley Art Museum at noon. Campbell’s current show at the Hosfelt Gallery was astounding. Life-affirming, even. The gallery images are nice, but the exhibition’s amazing. See it yourself. It’s up through 4/28.

Noon: San Francisco World’s Fair on Third Street, SF
Art on the edge of the city, curatorial activity on the edge of where art meets life meets cultural production meets ecology and transportation. (Nice title in contrast with the former paternalistic usage, BTW.) Features Poppa Nuetrino of New Yorker fame. Free, outdoors, eclectic in a good way. Continues through Sunday… See the website for a map and schedule.

1pm: Art on Market Street Walking Tour
You’ve seen the SF Art Commission’s Art on Market Street posters, now go on the tour. With Amanda Hughen, Jennifer Starkweather, and David Buuck. Link

1-3pm: Walter Kituundu Artist’s Lecture and Kid’s art workshop at MOCFA

OK, I’m in the show at MOCFA right now, but even if I wasn’t I’d be excited to hear the self-taught artist/photoharpist/instrument maker talk and make music. I saw him a few years ago at Meridian Gallery. The instruments are stunning and his music is gorgeous. Bring the little ones to make mini instruments. Part of the Beats Per Minute exhibition at the Museum of Craft and Folk Art.
(Next week will be my workshop. We’ll be doing papercuts of your favorite word, and maybe even some gothic lettering. Gothic as in medieval, not Marilyn Manson, k? For kids and adults!)

Sunday 4/21

Earth Day, well, is actually everyday. Yes to bikes. No to crappy plastic goods (plastic=petrol!). Yes to re-ducing and re-using, too! No to bottled water. In the US, almost 2.5 million water bottles are used every hour, but only one in five get recycled. And plastic, compared with glass, is much more difficult to recycle, uses lots of water in the recycling process, and the resulting plastic is really degraded. I read it in Recycle: the essential guide, an easy book for getting to know your PETs. Besides, safe, clean, affordable tap water should be a public right, not a private commodity.


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