Artists’ Resources

A quick snapshot geared towards San Francisco Bay Area emerging artists.

Art Opportunities*
Stay ahead of deadlines with these websites or newsletters. (Formerly Residency Unlimited)
*Tip: Set up a non-critical email address, such as, to receive newsletters. You can browse these at your leisure, instead of fighting a tidal wave of emails in your main email inbox.
**See also my tips for preparing art applications.

Local art councils
I recommend that emerging artists don’t worry about state and federal funding sources, and pay attention to local and city grants, commissions and exhibition opportunities:
East Bay Community Foundation

Professional Development
Build skills and maintain a good outlook with these online and in-person professional development workshops.

Alternative Art Spaces
One of the best things about being an artist in the Bay Area is its wealth of scrappy non-profits dedicated to artists. Dozens abound: the following do exceptional jobs providing emerging artists with exhibition opportunities.

Online Presence
Once you have a body of work, there is no excuse for not having an online presence if you want to exhibit as an artist.
I’ve compiled my advice here.

Further Reading:
Artist’s advice column Help Desk, by Bean Gilsdorf, on Daily Serving
Portrait of an Artist, Wily and Engaged (Art Practical)
Kerry James Marshall on artists becoming agents in their own lives
The International Center for Photography Library Blog, “A Bibliography for Working Artists”

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