Safe water = good

In keeping with my creed that the notion that a modern country like the U.S. can’t provide safe drinking water is absurd,* I applaud the effort to pressure Clorox, owner of the North American branch of Brita, to recycle those costly, carbon-filled filters. I gave up my Brita filter years ago, but at least the filtered water drinkers reduce the amount of bottles wasted.

Take Back the Filter: An Oaklander starts a campaign to urge Clorox to recycle used Brita water filters.
By Beth Terry, June 18, 2008, East Bay Express

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this:

Clorox is making a bid for the green consumer at this time with its purchase of Burt’s Bees and its development of Green Works cleaning products.

Something about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Or a wolf in a green jumpsuit.

*Karl Pilkington is right: We’re going backwards.


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