Walker ramblings

I had the good fortune to visit the Walker Art Center last Fall, and it knocked my socks off.

The Walker is striking in how top-notch it is all around. The collection is incredible, with lots of contemporary projects. The building is huge, with lots of interesting spaces: some grand foyers, some interesting changes in elevation, a nice split-level gallery, not to mention the sprawling grounds. And of course, the Walker graphic design department kicks ass. (Check out their site.)

Lately I’ve been really feeling the interconnectedness among art, design and architecture. I’ve always been interested in design — in fact, it’s how I got into art in the first place — but until recently I’ve been sort of oblivious to architecture. But like seeing the crystal goblet of graphic design, I’m finally starting to really see the matrix of the built environment.

Cheers to the Walker for maintaining a high level of commitment to excellence in these overlapping spheres of inquiry.

I’m excited about two programs at the Walker this season. And guess what? They’re cross-disciplinary.

Art + Graphic Design :
Call for submissions for artist-designed political yard signs

Art + Music + Performance + Architecture + Video :
Meredith Monk and Ann Hamilton
A multi-media music-theater-performance work set against video of a tower Hamilton designed in Northern California.

[On another note, I’m fascinated by artist’s strategies for presentation. I watched Hamilton’s video clip on Spark, showing the construction of the massive tower and early collaborations with Monk. But the tower is on the Olivers’ private ranch. I wondered, who will see it? Then I get an email from the Walker; the architectural work in CA sparks a performance work, which sparks a video that gets parlayed into a theater-based work in MN. Brilliant! As a project-based artist (that is, making projects rather than ongoing bodies of work), I love how Hamilton took a sketch and used its momentum to build traction on multiple presentations of the work.]


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