Activist Imagination

Installation Day 3 of 10. Hopefully 9.

So tired I can’t blog coherently. Snapshots of the past three days of installing Activist Imagination at Kearny Street Workshop:

Norman’s delightful personality and generous assistance in wall construction.
Norman’s awesome chop saw with red laser guides (one for each edge of the blade!).
M’s help; more importantly, the chance for me to show him what installation is like.
Spending more than I’d like to think about at the lumber yard.
Hauling sheetrock up two flights of stairs.
Stopping by Intersection for the Arts’ opening for the show on prisons; the tight community between KSW and Intersection. My favorite piece in the show: a prisoner’s folk-art award-winning model of a motorcycle, complete with high handlebars and flaring exhaust pipes, constructed of mouse bones, bits of shell and stone.
A scary short circuit.
Using corner beads for the first time.
Listening to Derek’s tasteful, random iTunes mix.
Pulling my back lifting a 5-gal. jug of joint compound.
Finishing walls takes ages, but the new joint compound is buttery smooth.
Goggies and a dust mask.
Entangled in headphones.
People’s delighted response to Jon Sueda’s sticker-sheet show announcement.
Pork Store’s pulled pork sandwich.


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