Activist Imagination

Know how to work a paint brush?

Activist Imagination exhibition postcard (front)
Activist Imagination exhibition postcard (back)
(postcards designed by jon sueda)

I’m really excited for the Activist Imagination exhibition at Kearny Street Workshop. It opens in 10 days and in the meantime, I’ll be furiously trying to finish three site-specific pieces. Sam Chanse, KSW’s stellar former Artistic Director, is staying on as a part-time consultant. She stepped down and just completed her one-woman show on Sunday. Amazingly, she’s the only staff during installation!

If you’ve got a few hours to help out in the next 10 days, we would really appreciate volunteers — Sam especially has a huge job of dismantling a stage, spackling/painting, getting the gallery looking spic-and-span, adjusting lights, etc. I could also use an extra hand with joint compound/sanding/painting too. We would be really grateful for a few hours of help.


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